The Morrissey of mum bloggers

December 26, 2011 § 12 Comments

I have to admit to there being times when I’m not sure I fit into this mum blogger thing. This Christmas I am not going to let you into the secret of my homebaked festive delicacies (probably something to do with the fact that I can’t cook for shite), nor am I going to regale you with tales of the magical Christmas I spent with my three little angels: diddums, pookums and munchkin chops. You see, I am the Morrissey of mum bloggers, and this Christmas I have definitely felt more bah humbug than ho ho ho.

Now that DD* (vomit) is 6 months old, I’ve caved into half bottle feeding, and I am once more under the curse of horrible monthly hormones. I suddenly find myself struggling for inspiration for the lighthearted and witty blog posts I have been conjuring up for the last year. I feel myself wanting to write about dark nights, loss of identity, crises of confidence. But this blog is me, publicly. I don’t want to share my soul searching with everyone that knows me.

Also, a terrible thing happened. On Christmas Eve we had some neighbours over for morning coffee and mince pies. I believe I uttered the inexcusable phrase “our new coffee machine was a triumph.” OH nearly had a hernia he laughed at me so hard. What have I become? I need to get a life, and fast.

So with that, I am taking a break from this blogging lark. If I only have a few hours spare a week, why am I spending it reading my twitter feed and writing this? Really, my life is passing me by, I need to take charge. I need to read some decent fiction. Watch some fantastic films. Get to the theatre. Challenge myself. So as I approach my one year blogoversary, thank you for reading, and I may be back, or I may not.

*”Darling Daughter” – abbreviation beloved of Mumsnet

§ 12 Responses to The Morrissey of mum bloggers

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