in your face CBeebies purists!

January 5, 2011 § 2 Comments

According to Oliver Burkeman in the Guardian Weekend (1/01/10), ‘Dora The Explorer seems to aid children’s literacy and numeracy, a study has suggested, while Teletubbies seems not to.’ Vindicated at last. For years I have been extolling the benefits of Dora, and her animal-rescuing cousin Diego. For years I have been putting up with the CBeebies purists intimating that my decision to let my children watch the ‘commercial’ channels is akin to letting that lovely Mr Todd give them a haircut.

Don’t get me wrong. I like CBeebies. Much of its programming is of great quality. But the suggestion that you can’t get good, educational television elsewhere has always struck me as a peculilarly English form of snobbery. And don’t get me started on the amount of media coverage devoted to attacking mums who let their precious little ones watch more than half an hour of television a day. As a mum who is frequently up at 5am, putting the tv on a bit every now and then keeps me sane and allows me to parent more effectively after the downtime.

I’ll happily admit that my 3yo loves a bit of telly. And I don’t mind him watching it. He is highly sociable, has a great vocabulary and loves to play. Watching a programme for him means hiding behind sofas pretending to be Swiper the Fox or dancing and singing at the top of his voice. My 1yo on the other hand doesn’t pay the tv any attention. Both children are happy and well adjusted. And if CBeebies and Nick Jr form a part of their play, I’m happy with that too.


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