a real slap in the face?

January 11, 2011 § 4 Comments

Another joyful day in the office yesterday. I let lethargy really sink her claws in, to the extent that I couldn’t muster the energy to run for the lights on Grosvenor Place and nearly missed the train home. Thankfully I did arrive at the childminder’s on time. Couldn’t wait to see my boys’ smiling faces. Only….3yo opens the door, takes one look at me, bursts into tears and shouts ‘I want my daddy!’ He is upset up until bedtime, when thankfully his dad arrives in time to read bedtime stories.

The usual disturbed night sleep. Bladder not grateful for pregnancy 3 nor the foolishly large mug of camomile before bed, both children up during night (2am and 5am)…then 3yo gets up at six and 1yo starts rattling the cot bars at half six. So far so predictable. Only…I saunter into the 1yo with a smile, lift him out of his cot, kiss his cheek and…SLAP! He slaps me hard across the cheek. Then does his best arched back trick until I am forced to put him down. He cries with frustration as I grapple with the gro-bag zip to let him free. But then suddenly he grins from ear to ear and opens his arms out wide. Oh yes. Dad has appeared in the doorway.

I wonder why suddenly it’s all about dad when it used to be all about mum. This trend has been growing for a while. 3yo has been displaying a lot of dad solidarity lately, and talking about ‘us boys.’ Is it possible they are both aligning themselves to ‘team dad’ to protect themselves for when the new baby arrives? Certainly 3yo is aware of the new baby, and seemingly very excited, but who knows what his unconscious is telling him. Perhaps 1yo picks up on and mirrors his behaviour. Or is this coordinated display because Monday and Tuesday are my work days and I am getting the blame? Certainly I will be keeping an eye on this newly established boy club of three. Perhaps me and Doris the bulldog might form a girl club. Only she doesn’t give as nice kisses.


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