confessions of a lowbrow TV watcher

January 12, 2011 § 16 Comments

So after a hectic morning of cleaning & washing, visiting the SureStart for a quick play, and doing the nursery drop, 1yo and I settled down to a meal of handfuls of humous (I wish I could say that was just him) and cheese and tomato sandwiches. As soon as he went for his nap I decided to indulge in some ITV lunchtime fodder. And what fodder it was. Australian Come Dine with Me… TV Gold.

“I’ll add this to my list of guilty TV pleasures” I chuckled to myself. “This isn’t the real me. The real me is in the other room watching BBC4.” But then a thought occurred to me. Perhaps this is the real me. Perhaps the lowbrow TV is what I actually enjoy, not just what I want to watch when I’m feeling a bit knackered (admittedly all the time) and my brain isn’t working at full speed (er, ditto.)

I actually don’t think I watch too much TV. And I really do listen to Radio 4! And 6Music! Oh and Magic and Xfm. Er…OK. I’ve decided to do a list.

First,  the stuff I’ll admit to watching:
University Challenge
BBC 10 o’clock news (on nights when I can keep my eyes open)
Peep Show
The Office (American version)
One Born Every Minute

And the stuff I categorise as a ‘guilty pleasure’:
Come Dine with me/Australian Come Dine with me (on occasion)
Location, Relocation, any of those (religiously)
America’s Next Top Model/Britain’s Next Top Model (a shameful Sky+ series link)
4 Weddings/Celebrity 4 Weddings (on occasion)
60 minute makeover (on occasion)
XFactor (more regularly than I’m happy to admit to)

Hmmm…if I was truthful I could probably add in ‘Dallas reruns,’ ‘Meet the Kardashians,’ and ’16 and pregnant.’ My poor kids. Do they stand any chance growing up in this hellish televisual environment? Or at the earliest opportunity will they be following their dad upstairs with a weighty book or to play online poker? If my children develop a gambling addiction Living TV may find themselves in receipt of a strongly worded letter. Now I know there used to be a pen around here somewhere…


§ 16 Responses to confessions of a lowbrow TV watcher

  • First I will also qualify by saying I listen to Radio 4!

    But really, I love to watch…
    Fat families
    Dating in the Dark
    Dinner Date
    Any ITV3 shows TV based on Peter/Jordan/Kerry Katona etc etc
    Take me Out
    4 Weddings
    Any shock documentaries (I married a horse/make love to my car/only eat cheese)

    My name is Laura and I am a crap tellyaholic!

    • ha ha! Glad to see I’m in good company. re. shock docs did you ever see ‘My Fake Baby’ about women who have lifelike dolls made and then wheel them about, feed them and clothe them? Still disturbs me to this day…

      • Yep, that one was very scary indeed! There was a similar one too about men who have freakishly real sex dolls (or so they thought, they were detailed but a bit crap!) that they treat like their real girlfriends. Love. It.

  • Bumbling says:

    Oh, I am so with you.

    I’m a big radio 4 fan – love the today programme, woman’s hour, the archers…

    But I also love come dine with me, location location location, [x]’s Next Top Model (though not regularly), any american angst type drama (brothers and sisters, the good wife), or teen angst.

    I just think it makes us more rounded people!

  • Hannah says:

    Haha, you watch the same crap as me!

    Although I have to admit I don’t listen to Radio 4…does that make me worse?

    I adore Come Dine With Me, ANTM/BNTM, X factor, Criminial Minds, CSI and Coach Trip (among others….)

    It takes a lot of effort to peel myself off my Sky Planner sometimes x

  • Great post motherporridge! TV chef competitions – they’re as addictive as chocolate velvet cupcakes *hangs head in shame*

    And can I just say what a lovely clean blog design this is. It’s very refreshing 🙂

  • I am with you all the way.
    I am apparently highly intelligent, have a a law degree, twenty years of employment in advice work, negotiation, representation at court, media relations, training, management etc
    I love Come Dine with Me, X Factor and similar shows.
    Perhaps being intelligent is all about knowing you can be entertained and learn from anything.

  • I can so relate! The head says no…but the heart still makes you set Sky Planner to series link! x

  • Him Up North says:

    BBC4 doesn’t broadcast during the day so what can you do? Only really watch telly for news and sport but your viewing habits are similar to OH’s. I jsut roll my eyes and ignore it. LOL

  • Anna says:

    haha – my list is totally the same! Except for panorama – far too high brow for me 😉 OK gotta go watch come dine now…

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