top 5 places I’ve visited

January 13, 2011 § 9 Comments

Thanks to Kate Takes 5 for the listography. Due to the fact that I have been avoiding work now for nearly a full seven hours I will have to make this short. I have twenty minutes to submit an unwritten document about competitor marketing activity in the management consultancy world (anyone?…)

I will try and avoid smugness factor – hard for a girl born in Luton to hide excitement about foreign travel. Here goes.

Antigua, Guatemala. For the politest football taunts to a visiting team I have ever heard. ‘Go home you long-legged person.’ ‘Cut your hair a little bit please.’

Moscow, Russia. In the early 90’s. Frankly terrifying. For the nice man with the handheld weapon in the lift not pointing it at my head.

Tortuguera, Costa Rica. For the caiman we hauled onto the boat not taking a munch out of my ankle. But not for the expedition leader making me walk 11 miles up and down a beach when straight off a longhaul flight. I can’t see a turtle without limping.

Salvador, Brazil. For coming away from carnival with my life.

Gower Peninsula, South Wales. For the childhood memories of sandy Welshcakes and vinegary cockles. And for giving me my mum.



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