‘what did you do today, darling?’ ‘Watched tv and ate biscuits.’

January 18, 2011 § 2 Comments

So said my 3yo, after being looked after for the day by my 19yo brother, J. Came home from work via childminder to collect 1yo, and 3yo’s curled up in the foetal position fast asleep on the sofa tucked under J’s arm. A detritus of biscuit wrappers, sippy cups and jigsaw pieces leads from the sofa to the TV, currently blaring out Bad Boys 2. (Had to ask, obv. Not a huge fan of the mindless boy-film genre.)

I have to say I have never picked up 3yo from hippy childminder this happy. He loves hippy childminder. They do nature trails and art and discuss the meaning of stuff. She feeds him steamed veg and lentils and being a wonderfully greedy boy he scoffs the lot, and injests a lot of the learning too. But I’ve never seen him so delighted by his day as he seems today.

To backtrack. 3yo was sick during night. J is on gap year and back from travelling and was staying anyway, looking after Doris dog. J, although he was still awake watching Heroes boxset at 2 in the morning when the projectile drama unfolded, heroically offered to childmind for the day.

J is done in. I think this is effective contraception.

3yo has watched: Finding Nemo, Jungle Book, Toy Story 3 and seemingly half of Bad Boys 2.

3yo has eaten: Toast. Biscuits. Chocolate Crispie Cakes. Panini from cafe.

3yo has visited: Cafe for aforementioned panini. Local reptile shop. Park.

All in all 3yo heaven. Well done J. Not sure a career in childminding beckons, but 3yo would choose you any day of the week.


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