missing out on the Serious Crime Squad’s Christmas party

January 19, 2011 § 6 Comments

thanks to Helloitsgemma for her great list of ‘7 things you never knew about me.’ The owl story is haunting me. Also to Bod for TeaGhostwritermummy and Over the Hill Mum for their lists and tags.

I am going to attempt to take on the challenge of revealing 7 things about me despite the fact that today I have a severe case of pregnant brain, which only seems to be able to dig as far back as last night’s episode of Big Fat Gypsy Weddings.

1. When I was in junior school I used to have dreams about being captured and tied up by Zoltar from Battle of the Planets. Take a look at his pic. I am not made of stone

Source: google images

2. I once accidentally weed in the pool during pregnancy water aerobics. I don’t go now I’m on pregnancy 3. Too risky

3. I am the woman that says ‘ooh Danone’ on the advert

4. I have double jointed elbows

5. In my student days I did some dreadful jobs. I used to sell double glazing. I used to clean floors in a petrol station. But the worst was in a gift card factory counting cards into bundles of 25. The only thing keeping me sane was the radio. And then Lady Diana died.  Two whole weeks of Everybody Hurts by REM. Highly traumatic

6. I witnessed the aftermath of a shooting in Hackney. When the Serious Crime Squad came to interview me, they invited me to their Christmas party at Faces nightclub in Essex. To this day I regret not going

7. I am distantly related to Sally Gunnell. Sadly I can’t even run for a bus.

(Actually I made number 3 up.)

Now I know I’m supposed to link this to other new bloggers, but I haven’t had the time to properly investigate who is new and who is established so I’m just going to link so some lovely mums and dads who have taken the time to come and say hello. Sorry this is probably massively late and you’ve all done it already…


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