my ‘can’t live without’ mum products

January 29, 2011 § 2 Comments

Thanks to bod for tea for the blog hop. I think I am supposed to write about products for the kids, not wine, tea or Gu brownies (essential for mums everywhere.) So this one’s for the children…

1. Nelsons teetha. I am a homeopathy sceptic but this really seems to work in easing teething pain. Little ones seem to love the taste of the white powder and grinding it into their gums. My friend calls it ‘kiddie coke’ which is in bad taste, obv. But sort of funny.

2. Baby Bjorn bouncy chair. This was the best baby gift I was given – it has proper spring, can pack flat into a suitcase and it’s easy to wash. You can put your baby in from birth, and even the slightest movement from them induces a gentle rocking action. It’s bloody expensive but it’s gone through my two kids, my friend’s twins and another friend’s baby and I’m getting it back for baby 3. Bargainous. The Baby Bjorn sling is a similarly expensive yet cost-effective item when you calculate use and pass-round value.

3. Phil and Teds sport double. Aka ‘the stupid orange buggy.’ Still going strong and awaiting arrival of baby 3. A pain to turn corners with, and not great at staying  upright on public transport, but the only buggy that actually goes on the gravel outside my house, and in the snow. For the day-to-day though and with only the one baby, my Ebay bought McLaren is worth its weight in gold.

4. Bepanthen nappy cream. Not for the chemical-shy. But actually works.

5. This isn’t exactly a cheap daily use product. But my 2nd son had severe plagiocephaly (wonky head) and I didn’t want to put him in a helmet. I can’t praise enough the sleepcurve mattress topper for helping to correct the shape of his head.


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