Daddy worship continues unabated

February 1, 2011 § 2 Comments

This morning:
“Mummy how did the dinosaws get dead?”
(me, feeling a little smug) “Well I’m not sure anyone really knows for sure darling, perhaps it was an Ice Age or perhaps the emission of volcanic gases…”
(3yo, interrupting) “Daddy knows.”
(me, determined to prove myself) “Well, as I was saying, there’s no right answer to this question, and just because Daddy says he knows everything doesn’t actually mean…”
(3yo, rolling eyes) “It was a meteor. Daddy says so.”

At our friend’s house, looking through his toolkit in the hallway:
(me) “Doesn’t John have a lot of stuff in here, look at all the screwdrivers!”
(3yo, considers) “I like the dwill.”
(me, starting to pretend drill him on his knee) “Yes it’s good isn’t it?”
(3yo, pushes drill to one side) “But it’s not as good as daddy’s toolkit, mummy.”
(me, considering for a minute the small collection of wall plugs, screws and a hammer in our kitchen drawer) “Well actually darling I think you’ll find..”
(3yo, interrupts) “Daddy’s tools can talk and sing in Spanish.”

On Sunday, after OH has left for airport.
We have had a lovely busy day and seen lots of friends:
“Today has been a really BAD day mummy.”
(me) “Why?”
“Because daddy getted gone.”
(He thinks for a bit)
“I fink I need a chocolate bwownie mummy.”


§ 2 Responses to Daddy worship continues unabated

  • So this Daddy Worship thing goes on for quite a long time then? My daughter is 18 months old and he is her idol. Can sometimes make me feel rather redundant!!

    • I’m sure every child is different. My 3yo was always a real mummy’s boy until recently hence my shock! My 17 month old was similar so I wonder if he’s copying his brother. We should take advantage and put our feet up I reckon…

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