I’d like…a ring, some roses…I am a feminist, honest

February 10, 2011 § 6 Comments

This week’s Kate Takes 5 listography is ‘the 5 things I’d like for Valentine’s Day.’ Lovely…

1. It’s my 20 week scan on Valentine’s day, so it goes without saying that more than anything else this Monday I would like to be carrying a healthy baby. Also, although I know it’s really not the done thing to admit to this so I’ll whisper – ‘I would quite the baby to be a girl.’ Strike me down. To clarify, I am not one of these nutters who will have umpteen unwanted children until she finally gets her little princess, and I will of course be delighted to be having a third boy. It’s just that at the moment both my boys are running around in a circle shrieking and hitting themselves over the head with balloons. Now I know that not all girls are sugar and spice, but in my experience they are slightly more likely to be calmer, and to be happy curled up with me on the sofa with a pile of books. (Both my boys do do this too, but it’s a pre-bedtime only activity when there’s no working toys left in the house and all the balls have been confiscated.) So for saying this, it’s guaranteed that if it’s a pink one, she’ll be the shrieky head-balloon type. What have I done.

2. This may sound desperate. But I’d like a ring. Not any old ring. An engagement ring. Yes, I’d like OH to pop the question. I’d like to have the same surname as my children, and I’d like to have an almighty piss-up where children dance with Auntie’s and my friends get embarrassingly drunk and I have to be dragged off the dancefloor before my ‘ironic’ rave dancing has someone’s eye out. OH knows I’d like this to happen. In fact he once said ‘surely you wouldn’t like me to propose on Valentine’s day it would be far too cheesy’ but to this I say ‘YES! YES I WOULD! I DON”T CARE!’ In fact a couple of months ago he’d had a few too many and said he nearly popped the question in a chippie on our way home. This would have been fine by me. We’re on our third child. I don’t need hearts and flowers. If you’re reading this…obviously I’m still undecided.

3. A bit of sleep. Just a little bit. My eyes are so red I look like I’m coming off the skag which isn’t a good look at 20 weeks pregnant.

4. I’d like someone to magically locate the children’s passports, my 1yo’s red book, and the prescription pair of Chanel glasses which mysteriously disappeared after a month of ownership. Also if my sanity’s hanging about anywhere I’d be grateful.

5. A dozen red roses. Ah what the hell. Who wouldn’t? It won’t happen.


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