reasons to be cheerful

February 11, 2011 § 2 Comments

1. Today 3yo decided to take 1yo under his wing. While I made their tea, because I was feeling poorly, 3yo gave 1yo a pan and together they made me pretend ‘get well’ soup by emptying out the root veg drawer and cooking in the play kitchen. Then after tea 3yo took out two dustpans, gave one to 1yo, and showed him how to sweep under the table. To cap it all, even though I’d offered CBeebies, he then went into the cupboard, got out the hoover, and set to work on the playroom. I don’t know who has taken over the body of my 3yo, but he’s welcome to stay

2. Tomorrow, I’ve got: bump pilates (never quite sure if bouncing up and down on a swiss ball does anything other than amuse the instructor,) lunch for a best friend’s birthday, then I’m travelling up to mum’s without the urchins, and going to dinner with my oldest friends. Sunday, I’ll: lie in, hang out with mum and my brothers, get competitive with mum over the crossword, moan at my brothers for hogging the TV with Call of Duty, then get the train home where OH will have prepared the roast, and friends are joining us for tea. If I am coming across smug about this running order so shoot me. Normally a typical weekend involves housework, laundry, obscene amounts of lego and playdoh, walking the dog, and a Sunday alone while OH treks practically to the other end of the country (aka North London) to take up his ‘indispensible place’ on his ‘used to have it, now we’re all past-it and pretending we’re not in the relegation zone’ Sunday-league side

3. The migraine that kept me up most of the night and made me physically sick has almost subsided. I thought I’d had a migraine before. I hadn’t. What WAS that?!! If anyone suffers these regularly, you have all the sympathy I can possibly give. I was tanked up with probably more paracetamol than a pregnant person should take, had a cold flannel on what formerly had felt like my head, and was doing labour-style breathing exercises. Like a freight train was very slowly crushing my head on the rails. I never ever want to experience that again thank god it’s over.

Reasons to be Cheerful at Mummy From the Heart


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