tell no one

February 23, 2011 § 8 Comments

This week Metal Mummy is asking people to recommend a film from this century. I read KateTakes5‘s entry about Pan’s Labyrinth, which I watched when in the early stages of labour with my first son (a strange choice I know – maybe the thinking was no harm could be done as I was already scared out of my wits.) This led me to remember that I went to the cinema on his due date (14 long waddly days before) to watch a rather excellent French film called Tell No One. You can view the trailer here

I’m not including a French film to be showy-offy in a ‘guess what I don’t even need to read the subtitles’ kind of way (I do need to read the subtitles), or even to indicate my general highbrowness (see old post on tv watching habits to disprove this theory). It’s actually a really gripping old-fashioned style thriller, which is my favourite kind of film.

The story begins with a young widower receiving an email from his murdered wife. You then follow his investigations as he himself goes on the run from both the police and the killers. I spent most of the film on the edge of my seat and didn’t even think once about going to the loo – no mean feat for a 40 week pregnant person. But not only is this film gripping it is also deeply romantic and moving – once scene where the camera takes in the urban Parisian streetscape set to Groove Armada’s Hands of Time was beautiful.

As an aside, the main character has a fantastic dog. A briard, I believe.

Two other 21st century French film recommendations: The Class, featuring an almost Egg from This Life/Andrew Lincoln-like teacher.  And I’ve Loved you So Long with Kristin Scott Thomas. Bring a box of tissues for this one.


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