just a perfect day…

February 24, 2011 § 2 Comments

KateTakes5 asks this week: ‘what are your ingredients for a perfect day’?

1. I would like 1yo aka ‘Tiny Temper’ to desist from hitting his big brother in the face and biting his arm, or at least keep the frequency of his attacks down a bit.

2. I would like 3yo aka ‘Moody Threenager’ to not react to every slight admonishment with theatrical tears followed by lie-down-on-the-floor sulking and ‘I’m not your friend any more.’

3. I would like OH to get home for bathtime.

4. I would like to spend a long car journey with 3yo. This may sound odd. But yesterday at about 6pm I drove an hour or so with him from West to South London and in a bid to keep him awake I turned the stereo off and we had a chat. Or rather he talked. At me. I think sometimes we are distracted by what we are ‘doing’ such as looking at a book, or feeding the ducks. Having no eye contact and nothing to ‘do’ he was able to just spill everything on his mind and it was one of the best hours of my life. I fail to appreciate sometimes what it is that he doesn’t yet know and understand, such as yesterday it became clear that he thought I was still growing (not just outwards) & he finds it hard to understand why the tallest people aren’t always the oldest. His sheer wonder at the world is infectious. And of course his slight misunderstanding of the facts leads to much hilarity… “worthwakes can knock down WHOLE BUILDINGS. But tremors are ok. They just take your front door off”…”Vipers are deadly but anaconda’s are the worst animals in Australia”…and so on.

5. Yeah go on then. I’d like a lie-in followed by a facial, a haircut and £500 to spend in the Selfridges shoe department. Dream on sista.


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