fill in the blanks

February 25, 2011 § 5 Comments

Mrs Ramble has tagged me and asked me to complete this short questionnaire. Another chance to twaddle on about me? Ah go on then…

I am….mum to two, nearly three. Elder sister to five. Unmarried. Happy. Irregular cat feeder.

The bravest thing I have ever done…..I am not prone to bravery. Er…I used to eat regularly from a grimy chicken and rice and peas shack called ‘Cummin’ Up’ in New Cross Gate. I was probably taking my life in my hands.

I feel prettiest when
…..the lights are dim. Or when my 3yo pushes my hair back from my face and smiles at me.

Something that keeps me up at night….noise. Bulldog snoring, 1yo chuntering, cats scramming, owls hooting, foxes screaming. Occasional unexplained turning-on of tv in kitchen (only when OH is away. Thanks ghostie.)

My favourite meal is…..salmon sashimi with a cold Chablis followed by rare fillet steak washed down with a bottle of Malbec, then a cheese platter of various unpasteurised, smelly blue cheeses. This is the only meal I want. Unfortunately I am up the duff.

The way to my heart is…A shoulder rub never goes amiss. My little brothers used to charge me a pound a minute, entrepreneurial weasels.

I would like to be…I am happy in my skin. But I am not happy WITH my skin. I’d like to lose the wrinkles and the spots – surely these things shouldn’t combine? Wish I’d never smoked. And wish I’d sunbathed less. But the freckles can stay. (I’ll never forget though the reaction to my freckles of a newly-arrived-in-the-country man of Asian origin at a bus stop in Bethnal Green. He kindly inquired as to the nature of my skin condition and was quite adamant that I should get to a doctor immediately, despite my amused protests that there was nothing wrong with me.)

I am passing this questionnaire along to a few people who’s blogs I have discovered recently. You might want to check out Mrs Ramble’s answers for something a bit more profound than I have to offer.

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Circus Queen

Esther and William

Over the hill mum

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It’s a mums world



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