no socks, mostly healthy, eating biscotti

March 11, 2011 § 10 Comments

Each week, Michelle at Mummy from the Heart asks, what are your reasons for being cheerful? Well…

1. Today is my first non-sock wearing day of the year. Truly a momentous day. I feel like a hedgehog emerging from my winter hibernation, a bit less spiky perhaps, certainly softer around the edges. I even stood in the garden for more than ten minutes without complaining. When we first moved to this house, I was extremely vocal about how I was looking forward to gardening. Now I wish I had kept schtum. I am grateful for the (pre-existing) spring bulbs because without them I would be shown up for the secateur-dodging amateur I really am. I feel the cold too much in my bones. I think I need to toughen up a bit. I’m reading an excellent series of books at the moment by C.J.Sansom set in the time of Henry VIIIth, and I find I spend far too much of the time imagining how cold the characters are without central heating. Sad but true. So hooray at last for the advent of some sunshine. My garden needs me. 

2. I am in good health. This is something I think is worth celebrating every now and then. Yes, my back aches, I get the odd headache, and if I don’t concentrate I wee a bit when I sneeze, but I really must remember to keep a sense of perspective. I had a sobering week visiting the Royal Marsden cancer hospital with my mum, and also caught up with an old friend of mine who is just beginning to recover from her debilitating post-natal depression. I read many moving articles on International Women’s Day about women born into poverty and lacking basic healthcare provision, or protection from violence. My life is extremely easy. It would do me well to remember that, every now and then.

3. I am feeling cheerful right this minute because I’ve just eaten my second homemade biscotti. I say ‘my’. In fact said biscotti were made by Charlotte over at blueskiesblog.  Charlotte is mum to Little Vin, another tremendous red-headed one-year-old (I have one too.) Charlotte is a lot of things I am not. She is young, has the ability to apply eyeliner, and is a bit of a domestic goddess. Her biscotti rule. Do check out her blog for foodie inspiration.


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