trade you ten mojos for three bootlaces?

March 15, 2011 § 15 Comments

This week’s listography challenge from the fab KateTakes5 is to name favourite retro sweets. I will most definitely be showing my age here.

Tooty Frooties. As a very little girl, I wasn’t allowed many sweets. I guess I have my mum to thank for my lack of fillings but at the time it was rubbish. My mum’s weekly ‘sweetie jar’ was substandard to say the least and consisted mainly of Polos. On long car journeys, however, to sweeten the pill of the revolting Kwells tablets we were forced to injest to combat car sickness, she upped her ante a bit. Choices were either fruit gums (one gum could easily remove a wobbly tooth, never a wise move), fruit pastilles (always nice but never enough purple ones, until they decided to introduce a tube of only purple ones, why oh why were these discontinued?) but my favourite by far were Tooty Frooties. Especially the purple ones. Very very sugary little squares, with a lovely crunchy hard coating.

Pacers. I was addicted to these. They were green and white striped, and square shaped like Opal Fruits (dang, even these have been discontinued) and there was an ad featuring Torvil and Dean skating their Olympic-winning Ravel’s Bolero changing colour from green to white. Pacers were abruptly discontinued when I was about 8. I was devastated. Torvil and Dean may have had their Olympic win to fall back on, but what did I have? A weekly subscription to the Beano and a now near worthless corner shop.

Mojos. Thankfully when I was about 9 there was a reversal in my fortunes. Mojos were a ‘craze’ in my school. Most flavours were revolting, but these little individually wrapped penny chews had a redeeming feature. The green ones tasted almost exactly like…Pacers. My life was once again complete. Interestingly when I did an image search for Pacers, this pic of green Mojo’s came up first. Clearly Mr Google Images was also a fan.

Floral Gums. These were perhaps my favourite penny sweets. If I chose a quarter of sherbert lemons or cola cubes my family would pinch them. But I was safe with floral gums. They tasted a little like your granny’s toilet would smell…a mixture of rose, lavender and a hint of bleach. An amazing testimony to what my young self would go through to ensure no one wanted to pinch my sweets. Interestingly my older self has kept this up with a love of Palma Violets, which according to my mum makes me smell like a serial killer, because some literary killer used to smell of them. Anyway, this isn’t really relevant to my taste for flowery granny sweets, it’s only relevant to my mum’s tendencies towards random (and sometimes flowery) literary references.

Wham Bars. This was a secondary school favourite. Available at the tuck shop for 10p. Pink bars of sugar containing fizzy nuggets of deliciousness, a bit like popping candy without the pop. Hard enough to crack your teeth. Pretty sure I told my mum I used to have an apple.


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