is active pregnancy a healthy pregnancy?

April 4, 2011 § 2 Comments

I am not a naturally active person. I don’t spring out of bed eager to start the day with a quick jog around the block. Yet having two children has changed me. I have become a morning person entirely through lack of choice, and I am getting more and more used to not sitting down for more than 12 hours straight. At seven months pregnant though, I’m starting to feel pelvic and back pain, and I’m worried that this level of activity may be neither sustainable nor advisable.

Take Friday for example. It went a bit like this: Up at six. Breakfasts/clothes/teeth. Put wash on. Sort swimming bags and boys taken to swimming lessons for nine. Bounce around pool with 1yo. Everyone changed and back into car. Boys taken for haircuts. Lunch for 1yo. 3yo taken to nursery. Tidy house. Couple more loads of washing. 3yo collected from nursery. House full of small guests for afternoon. Prepare tea for small guests. Bathtime. Bedtime. 8pm – lie down moaning on sofa. I am a very lucky lady that OH is quite happy to come home from work and prepare the evening meal. My little sister is also pregnant and with 2 smalls and some days she doesn’t sit down AT ALL.

The only benefit from all this is lack of weight gain. Although I have developed a comedy bump the rest of me has stayed pretty much the same, and I can still wear the more low cut of my non-maternity jeans. I eat like a horse. A very hungry horse who doesn’t know where its next meal is coming from. My sister is the same. So I put this lack of weight gain entirely down to being very active.

Worryingly too I seem to have lost my pre-motherhood ability to just sit down and relax. I can’t seem to take advantage of downtime. On Saturday OH took the boys off my hands for the afternoon, as he was to be out playing footie for most of mother’s day, and was away visiting his brother in France last weekend. I’d already been to my bumpy pilates class and was shattered from being up early again. So what do I do? Tidy the playroom. Hoover and mop the floors. Take the dog for a long walk. Then decide to go to Oxford Street and spend birthday vouchers. On a Saturday. On the Victoria line. By the time I arrive home I can’t actually walk.

Is it true that you’re supposed to take it easy when pregnant? Or is it better for your health to keep active? Alongside the pelvic pain I have been experiencing I have been getting a bit worried about increasing the chances of premature birth. 1yo came 3 weeks early after a particularly active day taking 3yo (then 2yo) on public transport to the Natural History Museum, and I am much much more active now with two children to look after.

Bizarrely, work provides some rest time. I am here now having sat down for over two hours! So when I finish in six weeks time, and have the boys to myself and am running around for twelve hour days, do I increase the risk of sending myself into premature labour? Or are the two entirely unrelated? Am I just been melodramatic and need to suck it up? After all plenty more mums do what I do and much much more.


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  • Circus Queen says:

    Couldn’t say about the premature labour but seriously, you need to watch it with the pelvic pain. The only thing for it is to do physio exercises and REST. Obviously, it’s easy for me to say that seeing as this is my first but as you asked whether it’s better to keep active, one of the things the physio told me was that I needed to stop walking so much and to avoid activities that required pushing like hoovering. That’s not happening but my husband has taken over some of the hoovering. I can’t imagine running around after two kids while pregnant but I guess you just find the strength from somewhere! Good luck.

  • thanks. Maybe I should go to the docs if it persists, it’s not getting any better. I didn’t know about the pushing thing thanks for that – guess walking around the park pushing two trikes around wasn’t the best thing for me to do yesterday! Glad your husband is helping with the hoovering and you’re getting a bit of rest.

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