my first five albums

April 5, 2011 § 3 Comments

This week, KateTakes5 asks what were the first five albums you bought? I had to really search back through my memory banks for this one. I can remember owning most of the early NOW tapes, and I also still have some of the HITS tapes that predate them (I am an expert on the hits of 1982 as this edition was stuck in the cassette player of my MINI for quite some time, featuring such feline classics as Tight Fit’s The Lion Sleeps Tonight and Survivor’s Eye of the Tiger.) I also remember owning some shameful 7″ such as Shakin Stevens’ Green Door and Captain Sensible’s Happy Talk. However I definitely didn’t start to buy my own music until I was a bit older, with my birthday WHSmith vouchers, and these are some of the earliest albums that crop up in my tape collection.

Housemartins London 0 Hull 4, 1986. Includes great songs like Happy Hour & Get up off our Knees. Think I chose this one entirely at random, maybe to my nine year-old Southern self the North of the country had already started sounding interesting (I ended up in Leeds for many years,) but I’m glad that I did.

Pet Shop Boys, Actually, 1987. I’m not ashamed of this. Brilliant album. Rent, King’s Cross, What have I done to Deserve this. Although I did used to fancy Neil Tennant. Got that a bit wrong.

Guns n Roses Appetite for Destruction, 1987. Yeah baby. My best friend and I once entered the school ‘Popstar lookalike competition’ as Axl and Slash. (Me Axl, she Slash.) I’m so glad that my youth predated video phones, or I’d never have got away from the spectre of this cool-destroying moment. I like to think it was a bit better than in About a Boy when he sings ‘Killing me Softly’ but I think it may have been worse.

Roy Orbison, Mystery Girl, 1989. Not sure how I managed to move from Rose to Orbison. I have eclectic taste, OK?! I like to think maybe a song was featured on a film soundtrack at the time. ‘You got it?’ I most certainly didn’t.

The Stone Roses, 1989. Definitely one of the most enduring albums of my early collection. Again I don’t think any coolness led me to this choice, I probably just liked the album cover. I cringe to recount myself and my best friend, having moved on from Popstar Lookalike (plenty of therapy,) singing along word perfect choral style to all the songs: ‘I don’t carrrrre, you’re noooottt, all therrrre….’ But still I love this album. And I’m still word, if no longer pitch, perfect.


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