death and zombies

April 29, 2011 § 6 Comments

A natural choice of topic for the day of the Royal Wedding, wouldn’t you agree? Well as I don’t give two stuffs about them lot over at Westminster Abbey, I thought I’d write about my 3yo, who I give rather a lot of stuffs about. And instead of the national obsession I thought I’d talk about his current obsessions – death and zombies.

Maybe unsurprisingly, at the moment he has been talking quite a lot about birth. Wanting to know how the baby got in my tummy (question avoided – I may be a mum of modern beliefs but I think 3 is a little early for the sex talk), where she will pop out from (again evasion), and whether she will pop out when I’m driving the car (seems strangely obsessed with this idea. Hopefully it’s not a premonition).

More surprisingly, this week things have taken a darker turn. He has asked me how animals are killed to make meat, what it is like to be dead, and if everyone has to die. Last night he had this conversation with his dad:

 “Daddy, why do people die?”
(OH) “Well everyone dies, but mainly when they get very old.”
3yo “But why?”
(OH, clearly feeling philosophical) “Well I’m not sure that anyone truly knows the answer to that question.”
3yo “I fink de internet does.”

Before bedtime, I catch father and son playing a lovely game of ‘zombie’. I’m not sure this is entirely appropriate. OH is rolling his eyes in the back of his head, groaning and chasing him around his bedroom with both arms extended in front of him. 3yo is squealing with delight. But then….

“Daddy, what is a zombie?”
OH (glances at me, I am vehemently shaking my head and mouthing ‘no’) “A zombie is someone who has died and come back to life.”

COME ON! Are you SERIOUS?! Is this something to tell a 3yo? A 3yo about to go to sleep in a darkened room, who has been a little obsessed by death lately?

This morning I have a chat with 3yo who is chattering on about zombies and dying AGAIN, and explain that daddy is a silly man (he nods gravely) and that zombies aren’t real. He eyes me almost pityingly. “I know mummy. Zombies is just a silly game that me and daddy play.” I think I catch his eyes rolling briefly skywards. Maybe I’ll join in with a little bit of the zombie game later. I’ve been up with 1yo since half four so I’d be quite convincing. Or maybe I’ll leave the boys to play and catch a bit of the Royal Wedding after all – OH can channel Charlton Heston in the Omega Man whilst I pretend to be Kate in Alexander McQueen, or whoever the dress designer turns out to be. (Not that I’m interested you understand. Oh no).


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