my true love story

May 1, 2011 § 8 Comments

When manic mum and super amazing mum asked me to join in with their new ‘peeping Tom’ meme, and write my true love story, I went white, then green, then white again. I mean, having to be nice about my OH? And in public? When he’ll probably read it? But upon due consideration I’ve decided that I’ll give it my best shot.

I first met OH when I was a tender 19 years of age. I was at Leeds University bar, and my first thought was ‘what a funny looking bloke.’ He was tall, skinny, and had hair like a microphone. Mind you I was tall, skinny, and had hair that I had just bleached blonde but that had gone distinctly orange, so god knows what he saw in me either.

Anyway, fast forward a week or two, and I ended up on a drunken night out with future OH and his friends. We were at an extremely dodgy nightclub called Jackomelly’s, and he bought me a beer. At a time when everyone bought their own, I remember feeling distinctly fluttery of tummy at this gesture. It was a balmy summer’s evening (yes, in Leeds!), around Euro ’96, and we all walked back towards Hyde Park trying to shin up lamposts and steal football flags (you can see the romance building, right?) We ended up at a house party on Woodhouse Moor, and when he first kissed me outside the party the moment was slightly ruined by several of his mates shouting ‘wahay’ out of a first floor window.

Fast forward sixteen years and here we are with our third child on the way. Our twenties were spent working, partying, travelling, and splitting up and getting back together more than a few times. Mainly my fault. The most dramatic of these entailing me spending my 30th birthday alone on a Mexican beach crying into my marguerita. In some ways meeting your soulmate at nineteen is fantastic – we have such a shared history and have grown up together. On the other hand I just don’t think I was grown up enough to appreciate what we had, for a long time. When we finally got back together once and for all, baby Wilson was conceived at my sister’s wedding shortly afterwards, and from then on our relationship has only got stronger.

What can I really say about OH? He isn’t at all funny looking. He is extremely handsome. He is the kindest person I have ever met, he would put himself out for anybody. My family adore him. My two younger brothers phone him more than they phone me. He is acerbic, funny, clever. He is always laughing. We think the same way about things. He is a wonderful father. I’m very very lucky to have him. One day, I would like to be his wife. It’s been sixteen years though, so far, so let’s not rush things.


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