simple pleasures

May 3, 2011 § 4 Comments

This week Kate Takes 5 asks us to list our simple pleasures. I like this prompt. My serotonin levels are pretty high at the moment (no I haven’t dropped an E at eleven in the morning, I wait until at the kids are in bed for that. Well, most days anyway.*) As I was saying…my serotonin levels are high, but I’m enjoying the last flush of pregnancy, and I know that things will inevitably nosedive for a bit when the baby lands. I am a bit prone to hormonal weeping. So this list is to make me remember and smile.

  1. lying in the hammock in the garden with the sun on my face. Eyes shut. Listening to the noises of summer. A gentle breeze blowing the grass, the closeby hum of a weighty bumblebee fat with pollen, and further away small birds twittering, a woodpecker drumming, perhaps a distant aeroplane or lawnmower and the (very distant) sound of children playing.
  2. freewheeling downhill in the countryside. I don’t own a bike but on the rare occasion when I do get out on a bike somewhere rural this is my favourite thing to do ever. Legs sticking out. Wind rushing past my ears. I think it stems from childhood when my friend Amy and I would go out of town on our bikes and into the royal estate.
  3. that half hour after a yoga class, where I feel limber, and the endorphins are kicking in. And the indulgent pastry or biscuit I inevitably consume feeling entirely guilt free.
  4. kissing my children repeatedly under their chins and hearing those wonderful joyful giggles. Or reading bedtime stories tucked up with their heads on my chest.
  5. when the children are tucked up in bed. The first sip of an ice cold glass of Chablis or a full bodied red Malbec, on the sofa, with the OH.

  *I felt the need to asterisk this just to state explicitly for social services, I don’t take E’s, it’s a bad joke. Sadly I’m full of them. (Bad jokes, not E’s)


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