do they ever grow up?

May 9, 2011 § 2 Comments

This is a short one. I have two days off work and childcare because my sister and I are taking my mum to a swanky spa hotel for her 60th birthday. I feel like it’s Christmas and I’m 5 years old. Mum has bought a new dress to wear for dinner. I have about ten minutes to find and pack some kind of dress that will make me, at eight months pregnant, look a bit less like a weeble.

However I just have to post about something that OH told me on Saturday night because it has been making me chuckle ever since. After quite a few glasses of red wine, he started talking about Ben 10. How much he likes it. How him and 3yo sneakily watch episodes of it when I’m in the shower in the morning and such-like, because I don’t really approve of violent cartoons.

As his confession unfolded he admitted to having watched every episode of every series except for one. What’s more, he’s gutted that he has never caught this one episode. He has even been on Wikipedia to read up about this episode, its plotline, characters etc. Can I just point out for emphasis that OH is 37. As in, nearly 40. And this is a cartoon quite squarely aimed at young boys. It’s not a cartoon like Family Guy or South Park, aimed at adults yet even children will find it funny. Nor is it a cartoon aimed at both children and adults like The Simpsons. Or even a cartoon aimed at children yet containing occasional nods to its adult audience like The Magic Roundabout. No. It’s a childish cartoon about a small boy who turns into aliens, zaps the bad guys, and returns to being a small boy again. Same storyline each time, different alien. Deary deary me. Maybe I’ll buy him an Omnitrix for his 38th birthday. (Having just read the Wiki for this Omnitrix link, it occurs to me that this has been written by grown adults. Can you believe the level of detail? Clearly OH is not alone in his devotion to Benjamin Tennyson. Ladies, watch your husbands very, very, closely….)



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