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May 12, 2011 § 6 Comments

I have long been fascinated by Mariah Carey. Her inability to pick a note and stick with it. Her crazy MTV Cribs appearance when she got into a bubble bath wearing a pink slip. Her choice of album titles (The Emancipation of Mimi? Perlease.) And now her choice of baby names. If you haven’t heard, she has called her newborn twins Monroe and Moroccan. The second one isn’t a name it’s an adjective! I assumed Moroccan was named after the place of conception but it seems the poor mite is named after a room in her house. Maybe I should call my new baby Conservatory. (As an aside, if I named my babies after places of conception I would be proud mum to baby PortMeirion, baby Grenada (not Ford) and be awaiting the arrival of baby Crystal (Palace.) Classy or what.)

Given her self-regard it didn’t surprise me that La Carey’s newborn twins arrived into the world to a soundtrack of Mariah’s own creating. She chose to play them her hit We Belong Together. Read Amy Fleming in the Guardian for more on this and suggestions of songs to give birth to. Ah, Push It…

I don’t have a good track record with birthing songs. I lovingly prepared my sister a collection of CD’s for her firstborn’s homebirth, various Café del Mar/Groove Armada type chillout songs if I remember rightly, only to forget that sometimes babies arrive a little early and to not get them in the post on time. Planning a homebirth for my first, I had a selection of tracks lined up on the Ipod, only to have the baby delivered in hospital, in theatre, in a hurry. Upon being wheeled into the operating theatre though, Magic FM was playing, and Sade’s Smooth Operator started up. No word of a lie. Raised a smile despite my panic.

I was amused to read Mid30sLife’s recent post where she mentioned that her husband had earmarked Eye of the Tiger to play during her labour. Mid30s has recently started a ‘Frock It’ Gallery that I have been following with interest, and I’m hoping that she’ll accept my inaugural entry. Who else, but Mariah herself, resplendent in gold, looking not at all like one of those toilet roll holders your gran has. This is pure Carey. Girlie frou frou, look at me on my little swing, tra la la…I can just hear her intake of breath as she prepares to launch into one of her upper octave glass-shattering trills…quick, somebody push her off…

 (As a footnote, an ex colleague of mine once interviewed Mariah Carey for the magazine we were working on at the time. He reported that she was a very nice person, really very friendly and quite normal. I choose to ignore this evidence.

Also, Dream Lover was quite a good song.)


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  • Hehe I have no idea what was on the radio when ARthur was born but Tori made her entrance to ‘Fascination’ by Alphabeat. Poor child regularly gets it sung at her now!
    (Oh, and Tori should be ‘Bath’ (the city, just to be clear…) and Arthur ‘Wem’ – we’re classy too)

  • Excellent! I appear to have Alphabeat on repeat in my head now. It’s an improvement on Mariah.

  • mama-andmore says:

    Oh my Mariah, that is not one of her best, but she is divatastic like no other! Cool post – I had an emergency c-section and through a haze of exhaustion and drugs I remember Marvin Gaye on the radio – I think it was “Let’s get it on”!

  • or Let’s get it out…superb

  • I love Mariah. I don’t have the words for her. Vain? Warbling? A twit? Yes, I think I’ll settle with “twit.”

    What a great post. I had no idea she named her children that. Why can’t famous people just call their kids “James” or “Anne??” Is it too hard?

    Thanks for the link up, love that you have frocked it with me. Her dress is a toilet roll holder, no doubt.

  • You’re so right about celeb baby names. Although choosing a normal name could now be the most pr-able thing your average headline hungry celeb could do! Anne Beckham? You heard it here first…

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