the products I couldn’t live without

May 16, 2011 § 13 Comments

Love this week’s listography topic from KateTakes5. Here’s my list:

1. Touche Eclat. In my former life, pre-children, I could just about get away with rolling in late to a breakfast meeting, two hours sleep under my belt, the smell of last night’s alcohol still on my breath, if I had caked my eye baggage with nearly a whole tube of touche éclat, chipped off last night’s mascara and re-applied, and downed a can of fat Coke (aka the Red Ambulance) whilst running full sprint from the tube station to the office. Nowadays, my touch éclat obsession has diminished slightly, but I still think it helps not to scare the children or other mothers when suffering from sleep-deprivation.

Gingerbread biscuits. A relatively new discovery. I hate them. But it seems my kids love them. Especially the Organix-type, actually contains nothing much except wholemeal flower and grapejuice, much favoured by the Knitted Yoghurt Brigade. I actually offered the 1yo some of my chocolate digestive the other day and he spat it out in disgust, instead pointing repeatedly at the gingerbread packet shouting ‘bibit! Bibit!’ A most useful form of bribery, er, I mean ‘reward for good behaviour’.

Tweezers. Sorry Kate I’m borrowing this one from you. I can’t face the world with a monobrow. Thankfully gone are the days when my lovely supportive schoolmates would each morning measure the angle my eyebrows were sticking out from my forehead, and record the daily figure on the blackboard. I did wonder for a while whether I was related to Denis Healey.

Sky+ How did I live without you? My 3yo often needs to be given ‘chill out time’. There’s only so much running around and shouting a child who doesn’t sleep very much can do before he keels over with exhaustion, or is sent to nursery (afternoons) so completely drained that he konks out on the craft table. In order to avoid the horrors that the daytime Sky schedule offers (see Special Agent Oso post for further details) it’s good to have a healthy pre-recorded offering of Deadly 60’s, Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom’s, and other, for me, more tolerable children’s TV programmes.

Iphone. How has this happened to me? Once upon a time, when I got my first ever ‘mobile brick’, I was a sporadic user. Often days would pass without the tinny novelty ring tone troubling my work colleagues. I sent the odd personal email from my work account, or I’d call friends from work and they’d call me. It was a while before I even plunged into the world of the text message. Until very recently I was a dedicated Nokia user. Several technical faults and lost phone numbers later, I decided to take the plunge and buy an Iphone. Or ‘London’s trendy Iphone’ as I used to disparagingly call it. I’m ashamed to say that I have found a new love. My antiquated iMac having finally gasped its last electronic gasp, it is my lifeline.

(Incidentally, my mother-in-law quite rightly says that mobile internet has killed after-dinner debate. OH and his family love nothing more than drinking their bodyweight in red wine, mounting their respective soapboxes, choosing a corner and arguing over a point of fact, often until tears or threats of bloody retribution are issued. Nowadays, one person just need whip out a Blackberry/Iphone, or text AQA, and end of debate. I think MIL should issue a pre-family-meal announcement, something along the lines of ‘please ensure all mobile devices are switched off. In case of an argument getting out of hand adopt the brace position. The emergency exits are located here, here and here’).


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