the cat hair incident

May 30, 2011 § 4 Comments

It is Saturday. 3yo is out with dad. 1yo is asleep. I sneak back to bed for a bit with the papers and have a doze. Then I do the relaxation part of my pregnancy yoga DVD, run a deep bath, then cover myself in posh oil a friend has given me to stave off the dreaded stretch marks. Fully relaxed and pampered I reach into the airing cupboard for a towel, towel dry my hair, then wrap it around my bump. Immediately I start to itch. I pull the towel off and am horrified to find I’m covered from head to toe in black hairs. The bloody cat has been asleep in the airing cupboard again. These black hairs are stuck to the body oil like glue and have to be scraped off with my fingernails.

This weekend marks the end of my first week of maternity leave, and stay-at-home-mumdom. The boys have been mostly lovely, but there have been several equivalents of the cat-hair-incident. Feeling smug for having managed to take both boys shopping without major incident, I head to the park. Boof. Cat-hair-equivalent number one. 1yo decks a girl full in the face for daring to try and get past him on the stairs to the slide. Boof. Cat-hair-equivalent number two. 3yo has a full on kicking and screaming meltdown because the children on the balancing pole are going the wrong way, ie. not the direction he wants to walk in. Cue wrestling teary 3yo boy back to car, 1yo trying to run in the opposite direction, and kindly parents looking on and laughing at me. Every day has been like this. All good, then boof. Meltdown. Friday saw the biggest supernanny-style failure to enforce the naughty step and me ending up locking myself in the bathroom sobbing whilst both boys ran riot downstairs eating the contents of the biscuit cupboard and cackling at my inneffectual parenting skills.

Let’s see what week two will bring…


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