food and drink and pregnancy. A very unofficial guide.

June 2, 2011 § 6 Comments

It’s good for your health to be happy when you’re pregnant. That’s probably total rubbish but it’s what I say to myself when polishing off the emergency chocolate stash or indulging in a glass of my favourite red wine (in fact it’s beer I’ve craved this pregnancy. Leffe. The strong one. Woops). After three pregnancies feeling a little put out at having to negotiate the endless nutritional advice that is aimed at mums to be, much of it contradictory, I’ve come up with my own rules for surviving what can be an arduous 9+ months.

Rule 1. Alcohol. If, like me, you were taken a little by suprise by the happy news, you might want to lay off it a bit at first to ease your conscience about ‘that’ hen weekend when unwittingly up duff. And if you’re still out mainlining WKD five nights a week once the test has come back positive it might be time to consider a small lifestyle adjustment. But the odd small glass of what you fancy? Not going to harm the baby. To be honest now mine is nearly fully cooked, I probably have a glass of booze 3 nights a week.

Rule 2. Nuts. Some say do, some say don’t. I say, do you like nuts?

Rule 3. Shellfish. Properly cooked? Fine.

Rule 4. Smoked salmon. Fine. As long as it’s from the supermarket, therefore likely to have been frozen first. Kills off the thingamies. (You can tell I have a medical background? Excellent).

Rule 5. Cheese. Probably best avoid the blue stuff. But if you don’t know what type of goats cheese is in the delicious looking salad you’ve just ordered then don’t lose too much sleep. The odd transgression is inevitable. Incidentally ALL hard cheese really is ok. Even the unpasteurised stuff. Knock yourself out.

Rule 6. Avoid the knitted yoghurt brigade. Never ever read the nutritional ‘real life quotes’ on babycentre or other pregnancy websites. These are not real people. Surely. Take this ‘helpful’ tip supplied on my babycentre weekly email. “Whenever I feel a naughty urge for chocolate I have a small handful of cocoa pops…much healthier for me and baby.” Perlease. Do me a favour. A baby will make you sacrifice a whole lot, so don’t start by denying yourself before it’s even landed. If your doctor is not worried about your glucose levels then you shouldn’t be.

Rule 7.  Ignore that oft-quoted fact about baby only needing extra calories at the end. Who peddles this rubbish? Even if it were true ask yourself, do YOU need the extra calories? You are suffering from low energy? Eat yourself better. Plenty of time to worry about the extra poundage after the baby has landed. Best way to make sure you’re getting enough vitamins? Eat a lot. Often.

And that’s it! Relax, folks, it’s a baby. Your body doesn’t need to be a temple. Maybe just a small landmark of cultural interest, with the grass kept trimmed around the edges.


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§ 6 Responses to food and drink and pregnancy. A very unofficial guide.

  • I'm So Fancy says:

    Or you could be like me, outsource the birthing of your children and drink every night, shovel in blue cheese and ignore all pregnancy related literature out of spite. 🙂 hee hee

  • Circus Queen says:

    I entirely approve this guide – mainly because I’ve followed every one of these rules religiously. I think there needs to be an overarching rule that you ignore nosy strangers who are unfamiliar with the guide. We went to a restaurant last night and the waiter gaped at my belly and gave me a dirty look when I ordered a glass of wine. I was half expecting him to fling it on the table when he brought it round.

  • Glad to have you on board! If you weren’t looking forward to that glass of wine so much bet you would have been tempted to fling it at the waiter…

  • londonmum says:

    i fully subscribe to this way of thinking. I was very careful the 1st time round because I didn’t actually do any research into the “whys’ of certain things. This time I am taking it easier and only avoid things that might damage the baby, not just give me a nasty bout of food poisoning. Think baby is better off with a less stressed but well fed mum 😉

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