Ping! Fully cooked!

June 10, 2011 § 12 Comments

Today is the day. I’m at term. 37 weeks. I’ve spent the last week paranoid that labour was starting. I’ve had nausea, backache and stomach cramps. My midwife told me to pack my hospital bag. Mercifully no action yet.

The main reason for my relief? Despite the large piece of brie that softly whispers my name every time I open the fridge I know there are benefits to the baby being more fully cooked. She might be less orange than my last baby for a start. Also, I’m eyeing up one of those mystical birthing centre places. They wouldn’t take me at 36 weeks. I’ve been dreaming of a natural labour in water with OH gently stroking my hand and chanting something mystical in Sanskrit.

This is the third time of trying for a water birth. My first baby was a whole two weeks late then I was induced, followed by an episiotomy and forceps delivery. With the second my waters broke at exactly 37 weeks (that’s today baby three!) yet I failed to go into labour so had yet another induction wired up to machines that say ‘ping’.

OH thinks the birthing centre isn’t real, it’s a mirage and you push the door only for the whole thing to disappear. He’s basically telling me not to get my hopes up. I can’t help but think back to my old flat, the single rubber duck sitting forlornly in the hired birthing pool that would never see a drop of water. Please, this time, let it not be so.


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