Pom Pom/Fara Lara/Fa Fa Away/Littlest Pea

July 4, 2011 § 2 Comments

This week I have mainly been trying out new nicknames for size. Proud parent to a four year old Sausage and a one year old Peanut/Little Pea, it seems important to get the nickname for new baby Fara right. Pom Pom was an early contender as this was the name 4yo called her in the womb, but it doesn’t seem to roll off the tongue. To be honest it’s been an uphill struggle this week to stop calling her ‘Little Man’ and my children collectively ‘The Boys’ so the nickname may have to wait until I can establish some basics first, such as gender.

So how have the boys reacted to the arrival of their sister?

4yo’s first words were “Oh. She doesn’t look like a girl.” Perhaps he expected her to pop out with long hair tied back with pink ribbons. Then upon opening his new grownup lego set “from the new baby” he eyed her with suspicion and said “but how were her arms strong enough to carry this from the shop, mummy?”

1yo has gone all puritan on me and tries to cover me up when breastfeeding, or pull her off me and my top up saying “way mummy.” (“Away mummy”). However he has found his bent as an exceptionally gifted cotton wool squeezer and my glamourous nappy changing assistant. He squeals with delight at the sight of yellow poo. And there’s a lot of it about. 

How to describe a week in which there’s a new member of the family? Well obviously I’m a bit tired and my hormones have been making me laugh and cry in turns, but all in all it’s been wonderful. My boys are probably a bit sick of their overtired mum telling them she loves them and covering them with kisses (“yeah yeah we know that, mum, you’re blocking Ben 10”).

I am thankful that I know the basics as this does remove a lot of stress. Little things like nappies having to be tight. It is not normal to change a vest every time you change a nappy. And I’ve rediscovered some things that I had forgotten – like the fact that newborns move their limbs very slowly, as if moving through soup or doing tai chi. Until they startle and do that great ‘air guitar’ thing.

I have also made an amazing new discovery, to help me through the nightfeeds. Scrabble on the Iphone. When the other two were babies I’d try to read books and magazines but inevitably I’d wake myself up mid-snore with my neck stuck forwards on my chest and a baby tucked somewhere under my armpit. Scrabble seems to engage my brain better at night. Although I often wake up in the morning and view the game and can’t remember playing a single word. The other night I had put ‘Quire’ on a triple word score and I swear I have no idea what this word means. In future I will refuse to play Scrabble unless half asleep.


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