July 20, 2011 § 10 Comments

The gallery theme over at Sticky Fingers blog this week is ‘vintage’. Only last week my mum gave me four photo albums from my childhood, featuring the most hilarious outfits (brown velour and short shorts with knee socks feature heavily) and various other relics from my past, including a silver Ford Cortina and my dad’s dodgy facial hair.

I love this picture. This is my mum and I, and the black fluffy clouds at our feet are swans. But what I love most is the pushchair. It actually looks like an orange and brown reclining garden chair on wheels. I’d swap my McLaren for that, any day.

In fact, scrap that, the McLaren can stay. What I would love to swap is the Phil and Teds, aka ‘The stupid orange buggy’, reluctantly brought out of retirement due to the birth of baby number 3. Not only does it take myself and my 4yo pushing at full strength to get the stupid thing up the hill where I live, but you have to practically lift it up to turn corners, and it does not stay upright on public transport. Although to be fair Mr Phil and Teds’ safety tester probably never had to take the white knuckle ride that is the number 3 to Brixton. It’s one redeeming feature is it’s orangeness, something that it has in common with my 1970’s vintage buggy, at least.


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