Not the smug musings of family perfect

August 11, 2011 § 1 Comment

Parent bloggers are often accused of ‘sugar coating’ the parenting experience. I haven’t come across too much of this, and anyway, who wants to read the smug musings of family perfect. I know I don’t. If you do, then I advise you read no further. 

At the moment, I’m finding looking after three a bit of a challenge. My two boys fight. They jump on beds. They dive off sofas. They flood the bathroom. The 4yo shouts. The 1yo scratches. Add to this mix a needy newborn who likes to scream when not being cuddled and you can probably feel the small tension headache I develop each day at breakfast around the eye area. Try a late morning park visit, single handed, including the dog, the two boys running in opposite directions, the dog straining at the leash, the baby in need of a nappy change, and you can likely imagine how my head is pounding. That, coupled with the fact that the last time I remembered to have a drink of water was at 3am.

Today I went to playgroup. I hate that I look like I’m not in control. It’s probably because I’m not in control. This time, I even had my mum to help. Leaving 1yo on his own for five minutes my mum was reprimanded by another child’s parent. “He was being aggressive. He took my sons car. TWICE!” I mean, come on. He is a small child. I feel like some parents expect you to trail behind your children doffing your cap and apologising for their every misdemeanor. I do apologise. And reprimand him. Lots. I still look incapable.

I have developed what I call my “prozac voice”. Boy one is lying on the floor kicking his legs and refusing to get up. Boy two is at the top of the climbing frame laughing maniacally. Baby is tucked under one arm whilst I’m desperately trying to manouvre the stupid double buggy to the bench where the dog is tied up and whining. “Come along children” I coo in my squeaky, uber calm, prozac voice. “Time to go now kids, let’s get a wriggle on” I continue, ineffectively. I sound like I’m heavily sedated. I think it’s the only way I manage not to scream.

Anyway, to polish off my week, 1yo now appears to have caught a stomach bug. Probably just in time for the other two to be puking all the way to the South of France on Saturday. And me too I guess. Wish me luck. I’ll be the one that looks like she’s not in control of her own children. But hopefully in control of her bowels. Bon voyage! Back in a couple of weeks.


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