lessons from my holiday

August 30, 2011 § 4 Comments

I learnt a few things from my recent holiday in France. Allow me to share them with you.

1. Although a 1yo is not officially entitled to a seat on a plane or a train, he will take up two, leaving you standing in the aisles blocking everyone’s path to the toilet, and apologising profusely for about an hour.

2. Although annoying, the above option is preferable to him being awake, kicking the seat in front of him, shouting, eating raisins off the floor and trying to slip your grasp and make a bid for freedom.

3. For older children, waive all dvd/gaming restrictions. Let them play Angry Birds on the Iphone for six hours if they so choose.

4. South West France. Rural idyll. Absolutely bugger all to do. Has scorpions. These last two are not in the brochure.

5. Public swimming pools/water parks. In France you have to wear speedos. No joke. It’s a hygiene thing. I really wish I could share with you the picture of my OH and my brother in their freshly purchased budgie smugglers. However I will honour my OH’s request to never be pictured on my blog. I will leave it to your imaginations. Suffice to say this was one of the highlights of the holiday.

6. Sometimes bugger all to do can be relaxing. My children loved bug hunting, the pool, and we spent hours collecting stones and making obstacle courses using floats, rubber rings and noodles (the swimming pool kind). Oh, and the baby started sucking her thumb, and therefore sleeping at night. “Super-choette!” (super great!), as my old GCSE textbook would say. Probably not a French person though.


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§ 4 Responses to lessons from my holiday

  • pictorialmum says:

    Thanks for sharing – really made me laugh! As for the plane, we are thinking of booking a holiday requiring flights when my wee one will be one so I look forward to standing for most of that flight!

  • Michelle says:

    “Super” and “Chouette” are still used in France (been living here a year now) but not heard them together, will listen more carefully and let you know!
    I also had a chuckle at my hubby’s first pair of “speedos”, but we decided that they were just wrong and managed to find a more suitable pair that don’t make me break down in fits of giggles at each trip to the pool LOL!

  • Mummy Dichotomy says:

    Eek scorpions?! The rest made me chuckle once I got over the shivers induced by the thought of a scorpion. Had no idea about the speedos thing either 🙂 a very informative post all round!

  • We had great travel experiences for the first two years but last flight (aged 2 and 10 days) it was horrendous. I chickened out this year and we had a staycation instead. Even at home we’ve descended into crisps and chocolate for breakfast, so I fully endorse the dvd/gaming amnesty. Looking forward to next year… 🙂

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