An ode to my dog. Oh yes.

August 31, 2011 § 10 Comments

How could I pass up the opportunity to participate in the lovely Tara Cain’s Gallery this week. The theme is animals. I feel I owe it to my dog, Doris, to set the record straight. I’ve been a bit mean about her in the past. But not many pets put up with moonlighting as Bullseye from Toy Story. I love the look on my 1yo’s face in the image below as he’s caught riding the bulldog again (this is STRICTLY FORBIDDEN). Doris tolerates the children kissing her, jumping on her and stroking her backwards. She’s never once snapped. She is a bully by name alone; terrified of our small fluffy cat. 

I love your one speckled ear
The world’s softest dog
How can anyone look at you with fear?
Yet in the park you divide opinion
Either “int she luverly!” in squeals of South London
Or frozen to the path, look of trepidation
Until I give my usual reposte
“Please don’t worry, she’s ever so soft.”


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