Babies are boring

September 11, 2011 § 2 Comments

I’ve just realised that my baby is now 11 weeks old, and I’ve hardly written about her at all. I think that this is because (whisper it) babies are a bit boring. Strike me down.

I mean, I think she’s completely beautiful. Although she’s probably not, as I thought that with the other two as well, and looking back on baby photos they weren’t really. Just to me.  She’s also extremely easy. Apart from a bit of a colicky start, now she’s on the infacol she burps like a beery lad. She also now sucks her thumb and settles herself back to sleep during the night. I’m really enjoying breastfeeding her. So what is there really of any interest to say? Er, I like putting her in pretty dresses? She’s smiling a bit now and punching the toys on her baby gym?

So no, she’s not exactly tabloid fodder. She likes to drink milk, have a good night’s rest, and not strop too much during the day. I don’t tend to wax lyrical about the beauty and amazingness of my children on here, I tell them how amazing they are all the time, and I think that’s enough. So here’s to boring babies. Boring and amazing.



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