Listography – what makes your house a home?

September 17, 2011 § 16 Comments

This week I have the pleasure in hosting KateTakes5‘s listography. The topic is ‘five things that make my house a home’. If I haven’t screwed up at the outset with the linky (this is fairly likely), please do join in and add your link below.

My five are:

1. Random objects, everywhere. I love my house. When I can see any of it. I have to fess up to being a terrible clutterer, and a pretty ineffective tidier. But I love that my house looks lived in. It drives my (Virgo) OH up the wall. Objects can be moved into a room by one of the children and stay there for years. “Where’s the potato peeler, darling?” “Like, duh. On top of the bathroom cabinet under the broken electronic nursery rhyme book, to the left of the purple bouncy ball, of course.”

2. The pets. A cat and a dog. OK they may give the house a ‘distinctive’ odour, but I have two still in nappies so it’s nothing to my nostrils. Always loved cats, my sofa wouldn’t look right without one. Am slowly being won over by the dog, too, she’s a handy footrest when I watch TV.

3. My paper mountain. What’s that pile of paper on the dining table? It’s my filing system. Cheques for the children’s birthdays approaching a year old and still not paid in. Random torn out bits from the Sunday supplements (generally on-trend home ideas, that would definitely be off-trend by the time I implement them). Children’s pictures and forgotten about to do lists. That bloody GP patient survey I keep being sent. The OH hates this pile of stuff and on occasion he recycles it. This is why I had to reapply for three passports and a birth certificate this year. But personally I love my paper mountain, if it were all tidied away and (god-forbid) DEALT with, I’d come out in a rash.

4. The piano. It was my grandma’s and then my mum’s and now it’s mine. It is a beautiful baby grand, with a few holes and scrapes on it because after my grandma died my grandad stored his tools on it. I used to be able to play well. Mostly now I bang out the odd Elton tune. But I love that it’s there, and I promise myself that I will practise properly again soon, one day.

5. The quirks. The fact that you have to jam a freezer drawer against the tumble dryer to get it to work. The tupperware that catches the drip under the kitchen sink. The light that has never worked on the landing. The lack of central heating in the kitchen, meaning that you have to cook looking like you’re going on an Arctic expedition for six months of the year. The ever increasing gaps between the floor and the skirting boards, and the sloping loft room. The effect being that as the only room in the house that doesn’t malfunction is the sitting room (you just have to ignore the pencil drawing up one wall), you’ll find the whole family there. We’ll be cuddled up on the sofa, insulated by the warm curtains that are thick enough not to be blown around by the leaking old windows, perhaps with the fire lit, feeling very much at home.



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