Why I love the terrible twos

September 22, 2011 § 6 Comments

I LOVE two-year-olds. Forget tantrum twos, terrible twos, and the rest of the bad press. Two-year-olds rule. Babies, yeah, they’re cute and stuff. They gurgle and laugh and have good pudgy thighs. One-year-olds can be very sweet, but they’re also pretty hard work, as they find their running (and falling) legs and their sense of mischief. Three-year-olds, they ask some great questions and come out with some amazing ideas, but they don’t half strop about and give you ‘moody threenager’ lip.

A two-year-old though, is just starting to communicate properly. I can’t get enough of asking my 2yo to say words. He puts about ten syllables into ‘elelelelephant’. He says ‘thithin’ for chicken. ‘Yeth peeeeeese’ when he wants something, or ‘allllwite’ when I ask him not to do something. I know hearing about other people’s children’s cuteness is pretty nauseating, but imagine it in the tiniest meekest of voices, and surely your heart might soften just a little bit. My favourite is when he flops on the sofa and says ‘shit down hyeyah’, and sounds like the Queen pointing out the royal lavatories.

A two-year-old is just beginning to develop an understanding and fascination with the world around him. ‘PLANE HERE SEE!!!’ my little boys shouts out, pointing excitedly, or doing that weird jumping thing that’s not quite a jump, as he hasn’t quite worked out how to get both feet off the floor at the same time. Or ‘BUS!!!’ Or ‘CONKER!!!’ The fact that he sees these things ALL the time doesn’t seem to wear down his sense of wonder. He even does it to us. ‘MUMMY HERE!!!’ ‘DADDY HERE!!!!’ when he comes into bed first thing in the morning, as if it’s such an incredibly pleasant surprise to see us there.

That’s the other thing about 2yo’s. The unconditional love. To a 2yo you really are the dog’s cahunas. They can’t get enough of you. They follow you around the house with their tail wagging. They sit on your lap and bring you stories and stare at you wide eyed with love. A 2yo really is the most amazing creature. I’ll try and remind myself of that next time mine is hitting his brother over the head with a wooden toy, or arching his back and screaming when I try and pin him into his carseat.


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