Reasons to be cheerful

October 7, 2011 § 7 Comments

It’s been a while since I added my reasons to be cheerful to Michelle at MummyfromtheHeart‘s lovely blog. But  today I feel compelled to join in.

The reason is, I’ve been outed. The other morning, a nice mum I’ve met recently on the school run said to me “hello, mother porridge.” It’s not actually the first time it’s happened, I mean, I write about my local area and I don’t hide my identity on here any more so it’s to be expected. But it got me thinking. We talked a bit about the blog and why I write it, and she said “well it will make a lovely record for you to look back on when your children are older.” And I said “I’m not sure about that. I’m often not that nice about them.” 

Is this true? I think I’m very English in that I like to laugh about my children’s misdemeanors (a friend who has recently moved back from the States said she struggled to find common ground with other mums on the playground because they were all so unrelentingly positive about their offspring.) And I possibly exaggerate a bit. When I compared my then 3yo to Kevin Katchadourian from We Need to Talk about Kevin, it wasn’t because I was seriously thinking his lack of empathy for another child’s injury meant he might turn into a cold hearted killer in later life. But could my wit be misconstrued, perhaps by a sensitive child, if they read about themselves when they are older? Will mums that don’t know us very well think that my children are truly terrible? Will playdate invites stop? I need only look back on what I wrote about my 4yo yesterday to see that I hadn’t painted him in the best light. Should I even be blogging about my children at all?

Big questions. But I thought I should set the record straight. My reasons to be cheerful this week are:

1. Wilson. My amazing 4yo. Bright as a button, sharp and witty, affectionate and kind.

2. Elias. My beautiful 2yo. Positive, cheeky, creative, helpful and good natured.

3. Fara. My bonny 3mther. Happy, peaceful, charming.

As a footnote, there is one other reason to be cheerful, which has caused me much hilarity in its recounting today.

4. Finally I have got to the bottom of the mystery of the smelly school bag. 4yo’s school bag hums. It has been getting worse. I first noticed it a week ago. I have been febreezing it every night. I wiped the outside clean. I thought that the smell might have been caused by school dinners, as it hangs in the school’s central corridor. But no. This morning 4yo put his hand in the outside flap, and pulled out a dead mouse. A very old, flat, slighty crusty dead mouse. Thankfully it hadn’t yet been put through the washing machine. I am blaming the cat. The bag was on the hall floor last week when we had a number of mouse shaped ‘presents’ left for us, and one of them obviously found a good hiding place. So good we didn’t find it until today! Truly revolting.



§ 7 Responses to Reasons to be cheerful

  • Ugh on the mouse front but we get them too delivered by our cats and something worse today was delivered, yuck!
    Of course, you love your children and humour is great. Don’t worry so.

  • I love your honest, if exaggerated, posts about your childrens’ behaviour. Maybe just balance out a bit with some praiseworthy stuff – just in case they read it when they’re older. 🙂

  • Lyd Oliphant says:

    I found your blog via Mum Takes Five & have certainly never thought your kids were anything other than the gorgeous little angels (with a sprinkling of mischief) that we all have. Don’t beat yourself up – your blog is well written, a joy to read, & provides lots of pieces other parents can relate to. Keep up the good work. Your kids will love a diary of their exploits when they get older.

  • hahaha! Love the mouse story! And I wouldn’t worry about writing about the kids like that, they will grow up with a good sense of humour I’m sure!

  • if its any consolation, I just sat down on my computer bemoaning to myself that life is hard and lately, cheerless. I clicked on my email and there was a message there from Mother Porridge: Reasons to be Cheerful… I clicked on it. Your dead flat mouse gave me my first real laugh of the day. Thank you 🙂

  • The Rambling Pages says:

    That made me laugh about the mouse, poor thing, so glsd he has been found though and your son’s school bag no longer smells, i thought you were going to say your son had found the mouse and been keeping it!

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