My playroom meets it’s (Mister) Maker

October 11, 2011 § 3 Comments

Mister Maker. The secret lovechild of Tony Hart and Janet Ellis, conceived during Hart’s black period and when Ellis had been taking too much acid. Currently much-loved by my 4yo, being the CBeebies champion of all things arts and crafts. 

4yo is really reluctant to write and draw, yet shows a passion for craft activities. So in a bid to encourage him to stop following me around the house talking at me, and involve himself in more self-directed play, I decided to create a ‘craft area’ at home. The council collected an old sofa that had been taking up most of the playroom, I bought some overpriced storage units, and filled them with stuff, so the kids can indulge their creative sides, whenever they feel like it.

The only problem was when 2yo decided to wholeheartedly embrace his creative side. Below is what happens when crafting goes bad. Mister Maker, the bill for the carpet cleaning is in the post.


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§ 3 Responses to My playroom meets it’s (Mister) Maker

  • Michelle says:

    Haha, I do love the idea of Mister Maker being the lovechild of Tony Hart and a Blue Peter presenter!
    It was a good idea of yours to attempt a self-sufficient craft area, sorry it went a bit wrong! No matter how accessible I make toys and books and activities, I still get those toddlers trailing me around the house talking at me! Probably best just sticking them in front of Mister Maker and letting him watch them for a while, at least while you clean up the playroom!

  • I think this is an ace idea! If you paid a fortune to send them to a Montessori place they would get the same result.

    Maybe some shelves out of E’s reach for the glitter glue, or Ikea do a rail thing where you can hang cups and pots – the boys could have a rail each within their reach with age-appropriate supplies in? Also Poundstretcher sell ‘tackle boxes’ with a catch on the front and lots of little drawers inside for collage materials… as you can see I have spent a lot of time mentally planning our art-space (aka daydreaming/ procrastinating).

    Charlotte xo

    • Fab ideas thankyou, glitter glue and moondough are currently under lock and key! I just hopped over to your new blog which is looking great, will have a proper read soon, love the dinosaur feet x

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