Use the fork, Luke

October 18, 2011 § 4 Comments

I can’t deny that I was pleased when my four year old started showing an interest in Star Wars. I’ve loved the films (original ones of course, none of this Jar Jar Binks nonsense) since I was a little girl. My mum’s ill concealed Han Solo crush meant we watched them rather a lot.

At junior school we had a vicar who would pay a visit. We thought he was a Russian spy who had a secret transmitter stashed in his dog collar. He only won our trust when he conducted a sermon using  Millenium Falcon and Death Star models and started talking about the forces of good and evil. Clever man. From then on at church we replaced the word “lord” with “force”, solemnly reciting  “May the force be with you. And also with you” during those interminable services. 

When 4yo and I first cracked open the box set I have to admit I was a little concerned he might be a little young for the shooting and the fighting. I needn’t have worried. Shoot ’em ups he can handle; it’s the emotional content he struggles with.

Last week at bedtime (often when he voices his concerns) he asked me: “Did Darth Vader know he was Luke’s father, when he cut off his hand?” He’s obviously been mulling this over for a while and has now come up with a version of events that he’s happy with, telling me yesterday: “When Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker were playfighting they should have turned off their Lightsavers. Then Luke would still have his hand. They could have just punched a bit and wrestled.”

On the plus side, I am now able to delve into my entire back catalogue of bad Star Wars jokes. At dinner time: “Use the fork, Luke,” and one that I’m saving for the festive season: “How did Darth Vader know what Luke Skywalker was getting for Xmas? He felt his presence”.

I tried to take a photo of 4yo playing with his “lightsaver” as he calls it. Sadly he was too quick for me. He also looks like he’s doing a John Travolta impression.


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