One World Week

November 1, 2011 § 8 Comments

Admittedly I’m new to this schooling lark. But I am finding some of the demands of the school curriculum already a little beyond my capabilities. This week I received a letter about ‘One World Week’. “No pressure!” laughed the teacher as she handed out the letters.

The letter starts: “Could your child please bring in something from home for “Show and Tell” that links to their family, culture or heritage. For example an item that is special to your family, a national costume or flag, an artefact from a religious festival.” Is it just me that breaks out in a cold sweat upon receipt of this kind of letter? We aren’t in the least bit religious, and apart from during the odd football/rugby fixture we’ve barely discussed our (English/Welsh) nationality with 4yo. We’ve visited our Welsh family, but the cultural highlights of Llanelli aren’t going to make Show and Tell any time soon.

Religious or cultural artefacts? Our house is entirely devoid of prayer books, national costumes, and framed photographs of the Queen. An item that is special to my family? Sky remote? Dining room table? Spike Milligan books? In the end I opt for a framed photograph of the dog. 

Next on the letter. “We would really appreciate it if any parents were able to provide us with a taster of their “national/local dish.”” Sigh. Really? I am not the kind of mum that brings cakes to cake sales, for fear of litigation. But now I find myself googling Welsh cake recipes. I could ‘do a Kate Reddy ‘ who, in Allison Pearson’s novel I don’t know how she does it finds herself in the kitchen at 1am ‘distressing’ her shop bought mince pies for the PTA Christmas sale, but I know I won’t. I’ll try and make cakes, fail spectacularly, and feel guilty about turning up empty handed.

Finally, on Friday children are encouraged to wear something to school that “symbolises their cultural heritage in some way”. South Wales and South London? This bit’s easy. Tracksuit and trainers. Innit.



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