4yo locates the off switch

November 23, 2011 § 4 Comments

It has been a shocker of a month. An endurance test. If I’ve been more grumpy and introspective than usual I can only apologise. That’s what happens when you have mainly your own self for adult company, and are awake for twenty hours a day. I’m still spending most of the night sitting up with the baby. I also have an ill 2yo for the second time in a fortnight. Yesterday I stumbled downstairs with him at 4am and trod on half a mouse. That’s the kind of experience that really starts the day on a high. I’m noticing my smile is still there, but it’s more fixed, my laugh more hysterical.

Anyway, I didn’t set out to rant. I set out to be positive. Because whenever I am having a particularly bad day, there is always a knight in shining armour. Yesterday, there were two. A kindly mum who has a child in the same reception class as my son, clocked my Facebook message about the 4am start and the half mouse, and drove round to collect him and take him to school.

My other knight in shining armour was 4yo. Despite being a handful himself at times, he loves his mum. He senses when things are getting too much for me. Yesterday he came into his own, playing the clown and cheering 2yo up. It generally involved him being pushed off sofas, dancing and falling over, or pretending to hit his head and need an ambulance. While I was cooking he got the root veg out of the cupboard and pretend made a meal with 2yo, then played catch with potatoes. It reminds me of the time it took me 7 hours to drive home from my dad’s house in the snow (normally a 30 minute drive.) In the car was 4yo, then 2 and a half, and 2yo, then 5 months old. He sang songs to his brother, and chatted to me until nearly midnight, although I had nothing to entertain him with and nothing to feed him. What a little trouper. He also constantly offers me his little pearls of wisdom, that never fail to make me smile. This morning he was telling me about dinosaurland, and how there are people that live there, they’re just like us but they don’t wear shoes. He also told me that we live in England, which is on top of the world. What would I do without him?


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