What’s in a name?

November 28, 2011 § 1 Comment

Older Mum has asked me to reveal my nicknames, past and present. She was tagged by the hilarious Flossing the Cat. Both of their partners sound like they are treading on thin ice. One of them is known affectionately as Poo Head and the other The Bottomless Pit of Need. Yes I spat my tea across the room too.

I’m not sure my OH can compete with that, although he does on occasion call me Sad Sack. Most of my nicknames have been shortened versions of my full name, Alexis. For years I was known as Leki, although it changed to Lex when at University as the group of Liverpudlians I hung around with couldn’t take me seriously, and kept on talking about “topping up the leccy” when at the bar.

I did try for a while in my teens to introduce some cooler sounding nicknames. ‘Red’, I think, was one of them, and ‘Spike’ was my graffiti tag, if enscribing a park bench with bic biro (along with my friend Rachel ‘the Moog’) counts as graffiti. Watch your back, Banksy. Needless to say, self-created monikers never stick. 

Other nicknames over the years have included ‘Lexington’, ‘The Lexas Chainsaw Massacre’, ‘Solar Plexus’ and ‘Alectriss’. When at junior school I was obviously Alexis Carrington. Children can be so original. My poor sister Abigail was known variously as Abbey Crunch and Get the Abbey Habit. Plus unfortunately we went to the Abbey School next to the Abbey Church.

Perhaps my least favourite was ‘Bianca’ as when in sixth form with my long red hair I bore more than a passing resemblance to Bianca Jackson from EastEnders. Not helped by the fact that I was going out with a boy at the time who was a bit like Tricky Dicky, with a dodgy leather jacket and penchant for heavy gold jewellery and souped up cars. Although he was from Watford, not Walford.

So there you have it. Nicknames. Now I’m about to go to playgroup and invent a whole new me. “Hi my name is Alexis but you can call me Ace.” Maybe not.


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  • Older mum says:

    Ha ha ha ha – ‘topping up the Leccy’ ….. and the ‘Lexus Chainsaw Massacre’ !!!! Really funny. Unlucky with Bianca though … Rickaaaay …. Oh and I did used to go to B2B and the Warehouse but sadly played at neither.

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